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Global Approach Is Key for Research and Innovation, Latest European Commission Report Finds

In 2021, the European Commission released a communication outlining a global strategy for research and innovation (R&I). The aim of this strategy was to lead international R&I partnerships and respond to a rapidly changing world by delivering innovative solutions for green, digital, and healthy societies. The strategy also sought to align the EU’s international cooperation with its current priorities, such as promoting academic freedom, advancing scientific excellence, and fostering global cooperation. A recent report provides an update on the progress made in implementing this strategy over the past two years and its impact on the R&I landscape.

The report highlights key achievements such as the successful implementation of new provisions for the association of non-EU countries to the ‘Horizon Europe’ framework programme and the development of joint commitments with international partners. These efforts have delivered science-based solutions that support fair green and digital transitions, health security, crisis preparedness and response.

Overall, the report asserts that scientific openness and international cooperation remain central to European R&I policy while the EU is well-equipped to safeguard its interests and strengthen its position in the world.

Find the report here: